February Newsletter

We have a full programme to start the New Year.  On Saturday, 3rd February at 7.0pm,  the finalists for the James Etherington Music Award will be competing in this Church.  Do come along for what is usually a thoroughly enjoyable evening.  There are new Slimming World Groups with Vickie every Saturday at 8.0am, 10.0am and 12 noon.  There’ll be 3 courses in February for the unemployed who are 19+ and live in the Durham area.  The first is a  Health and Safety Course on Tuesday, 6th February, the second a Food Safety Course on Monday, 12th February, and the third a First Aid Course on Monday, 19th February.  All three courses are from 9.30am – 4.0pm.  On Saturday, 10th February at 3.0pm there’ll be an Afternoon Tea with a Ukelele Band.  Tickets, price £7, are now on sale from the Office.  On Thursday, 15th February at 11.0am we’re to have another visit from the Mobile Cinema.  As usual admission will be £1 and details will be available later.  Responding to demand, Kath Johnson has started an extra Carers and Toddlers group which is  on Thursday mornings, from 10.0 – 11.30am.  A new course in Family History is now being held on Wednesdays from 10.0am – 11.0am until 28th March. More details are available from the Office.

The Cornerstones Calendar raised a very welcome £1,071.30  for Church funds.  This was a marvellous effort and thanks are due to everyone who helped in any way to make it such a success.  Particular thanks must go to  Dorothy Wroe who worked very hard in co-ordinating and overseeing the whole project.

As mentioned in the last issue of ‘Contact’, in September an evening service planned as ‘Local Arrangements’ was taken by the Cornerstones Management  team.   The service took the form of the story of Cornerstones from its beginning up to the present day.  Several people approached the Committee afterwards to express their appreciation for the service, saying that much of the story was new to them as they had joined the Church in the last few years.  They suggested that it should be written down as a  permanent record of Cornerstones’ development.  In response to these requests a little booklet entitled  ‘Cornerstones  –  a Journey of Faith’,  has been prepared and is being distributed with this month’s issue of ‘Contact’.  Many  of our members have had some measure of involvement with Cornerstones as it has developed.  However, whether you’ve been involved with Cornerstones or not, we urge you to read the booklet as we feel sure that you’ll find it interesting.  You’ll discover things you didn’t know, be reminded of things you’d forgotten, and be inspired anew to commit to the Cornerstones’ mission.  As well as being distributed with this month’s ‘Contact’ it is expected that the booklet will be submitted in support of some future grant applications.  It will also be available for people joining the Church in the future, for visitors, and for any individual or organisation wanting to know more about Cornerstones.

Joan Evans and her team who run the Friday Stall are desperately in need of more volunteers.  If you can help and are willing to join their rota please contact one of the team.  They’ll be delighted to hear from you.

Cornerstones would not be able to function without its growing army of volunteers who are absolutely vital to its smooth running.  It took a  little while after its launch for some of our church members to see the possibilities of the project but, increasingly, they are taking Cornerstones to heart and seeing it as a marvellous opportunity to ‘love our neighbours’.  Each of us has some talent, however small, which we can use in Christ’s service and the work of Cornerstones gives us an ideal opportunity to do that.  We ask you to grasp that opportunity and find your niche in one of Cornerstones’ activities.  If you’re not sure how you can help, just have a word with a member of the Management Committee and they will help you to find a role.  There’s a very apt quotation from Theodore Roosevelt, the former American president:

Whenever you are asked if you can do a job tell them at once, “Certainly I can”.  Then set about

finding out how to do it.’

The more volunteers we have to help, the greater our ability to serve the community we live among.

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