April Newsletter

Unfortunately because of the coronavirus crisis all planned events have been cancelled.

Sadly we’ll be losing Singing for the Brain after 30th March due to a decline in numbers. It’s been a very successful group which was greatly enjoyed by its participants. We’re very sorry to see its demise.

We’ve been advertising over the last few weeks for people to join our little army of volunteers. Help is particularly needed with the Friday/Saturday Stall, the Friday Coffee Morning, the Thursday Lunch Club and the Make Lunch (for schoolchildren and their families) team. Personal appeals have been made to the members of the Craft Group and the W.I. If you or anyone you know can spare a few hours each month to help please contact the Office or a member of the Management Committee.

Recently there have been several tragic reports in the news about young people taking their own lives after being attacked, sometimes very cruelly, on social media. After one high profile case involving a young TV presenter, a media campaign to ‘BE KIND’ was launched. It’s a very sad reflection on our society that people need to be asked to be kind. Sometimes, in our dealings with people, although we wouldn’t dream of being unkind, we tend to be passive and not bother to ‘be kind’. Our Church and Cornerstones could not function without our little army of volunteers who are willing to dedicate their time and efforts to the many tasks which enable our Church and Cornerstones to operate so well, such as those who prepare rotas, make coffee, serve on committees, act as vestry stewards and all the many other roles that are undertaken on our behalf. All our volunteers are freely doing their jobs to the best of their ability. As we journey through Lent and experience yet again the wonder of Christ’s resurrection and the reality of God’s love and forgiveness for all those who have faith in Him, perhaps we can all make a conscious effort to actually express our appreciation and support to our wonderful volunteers.

Jean Dobson

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